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NEW: Purple Harry Anti Chafing Chamois Cream
Purple Harry's chamois cream is a moisturising sports cream that provides comfort and prevents soreness whilst riding on the road, trail or track. It's intentionally unfragranced to suit even sensitive skin.  
NEW: Purple Harry Muscle Warming Cream
Purple Harry's Muscle Warming Cream stimulates pre-ride cream and includes Eucalyptus oil. Prepares muscles for exertion when warm up time is limited and temperatures are cool. 
NEW: Purple Harry Muscle Cooling Gel
With peppermint and menthol, Purple Harry's Muscle Cooling Gel soothes muscles after a long or hard ride and aids recovery.
Also contains Aloe Vera to moisturise skin after exposure to the elements. 
Bike Floss
Our launch product! A revolutionary cleaning product unlike anything you have used before. Inexpensive yet effective, Bike Floss does all the hard work for you and effortlessly tackles the bike's mechanics, often expensive areas to replace if not maintained properly. Bike Floss is also reusable – simply wipe through with Cleaner and Degreaser or white spirits!
Currently available in 3 grades - large bristle, medium bristle or large fleece, Bike Floss solves the problem of getting to the hard to reach parts of the bike and makes light work of the drive train including chain rings, cassettes, derailleurs, brake callipers and levers. The Fleece option is especially suited to carbon components that may be scratched with the more abrasive Bristle versions, and this product also dries, finishes and polishes to leave your steed looking like new.
"Pimped-out pipe cleaners. On steroids!" MBR
“We’re hooked!” Cycling Plus
“Genius” The Washing Machine Post
Choose from:
Large Bristle (Abrasive)
Recommended for all non carbon components, especially the drive train, cassettes and derailleurs.
Medium Bristle (Abrasive)
Recommended for all non carbon components, especially the chain, cassette/sprocket, derailleurs and clip in pedals.
Large Fleece (Non Abrasive)
Recommended for use on all components, including carbon. Especially effective on brake callipers and levers and for finishing and polishing.  
Cleaner and Degreaser
Our Bike Degreaser and Cleaner is a non-aerosol all in one cleaner and degreaser. Spray on sparingly and wash off for a quick and easy post-ride clean, or more liberally and use in conjunction with Purple Harry's Bike Floss for degreasing drive train and thoroughly cleaning specific components. Simple, effective and inexpensive. 
Bike Maintenance Spray
A versatile maintenance spray to remove moisture and protect all mechanical components whilst also adding lubricating properties.
Suitable for all frame materials and painted surfaces - use Purple Harry’s Maintenance Spray on the cassette, drive train, hubs, bottom bracket area and pedals. Safe on all surfaces but avoid braking areas.
It is a little known fact that most aerosols only contain an estimated 50-60% of product. Our maintenance spray offers unrivalled value for money as the 750ml trigger spray contains exactly what it says on the label: 750ml of maintenance spray; nothing more. And certainly nothing less!
Best used after a thorough clean with Purple Harry's Bike Cleaner and Degreaser. 
Frame Polish
A high quality polish containing waxes and silicones to preserve and protect painted and lacquered frames whilst also adding an incredible deep shine to show off your pride and joy at its very best!
We know that polishing a bike sounds a little extreme - but damage to paintwork and frame materials especially around the top tube and head tube area is easily caused by moisture - not just from the elements but also sweat, and this can be incredibly corrosive. Purple Harry’s Bike Polish is also very effective in removing tar spots and the protective layer makes it easier to clean next time as mud and grime doesn’t stick so easily!
Apply liberally with a clean soft cloth, allow to dry for 5 to 10 mins and buff with a clean soft cloth. For best results use in conjunction with Purple Harry’s Wash and Polish Mitt.
Purple Harry's Bike Polish can also revive dull paintwork to give your pride and joy a renewed shine... Use on motorcycles, cars and boats too!! Great value in comparison to other brands!! 
Helmet, Shoe and Glove Sanitiser
A lightly apple fragranced sanitiser that removes unwanted odours from cycling equipment such as shoes, helmet pads, gloves etc...
Containing biocides which actually kill bacteria found in sweat rather than simply masking the smell with perfume, this 250ml pump spray will leave your kit smelling fresh after each ride.
Great also for other equipment such as trainers / walking boots / motorcycle & snowboard helmets etc etc.
Simply spray on helmet pads / glove lining or inside footwear and leave to dry. 
Travel Packs
Perfect for a weekend away / training camp when space is tight... Or as a trial pack to sample our fantastic range of products!
A handy travel pack with the essentials to keep your steed in tip top condition, and your kit smelling fresh!
Travel Pack - 'Lite'
100ml Cleaner and Degreaser
100ml Maintenance Spray
50ml Helmet and Shoe Sanitiser
Travel Pack - 'Pro'.
100ml Cleaner and Degreaser
100ml Maintenance Spray
50ml Helmet and Shoe Sanitiser
100ml Polish.
Sample Floss Pack - 1x Large Bristle / 1x Medium Bristle / 1x Large Fleece 
Bike Wash & Polish Mitt
UK Registered Design no. 4017171
“You really need this!” Cycling Plus
Purple Harry's Wash and Polish Mitt has been ergonomically designed with the bike's shape and contours in mind - allowing access to difficult areas whilst avoiding catching on the drive train and snagging in components - which so easily happens with an ordinary shaped cloth, sponge or rag.
Microfibre is a technical material suited to both cleaning and polishing due to its soft texture and exceptional absorbency. The microfibres also gently agitate dirt and grime precipitating swift removal.
Purple Harry’s Wash and Polish Mitt boasts an 80% Polyester & 20% Polyamide composition which is around 4 times more absorbent than cotton or polyester alone, and offers superior polishing qualities.
Use with a little of Purple Harry’s Bike Cleaner and Degreaser to assist in cleaning the more stubborn grime when washing your bike or use to apply Purple Harry’s Bike Polish & Frame Protector to add a protective coat and enhance the frame’s gloss finish to really shine!
Washable at 40 degrees the Wash and Polish Mitt is extremely versatile and durable. 
Chain Lubes - Dry & Wet
New! Purple Harry's Wet and Dry Chain Lubes.
Closing the loop on your cleaning and maintenance regime, to ensure smooth pedalling and slick shifting these lubes are specifically engineered for bicycle chains and derailleurs.
Choose either Wet or Dry depending on your riding discipline, environment or predominant weather condition.
Primarily designed for chains - but also good for use in the jockey wheels of the rear derailleur or protecting cables against rust etc..
Wet Lube.
Wet lubes are designed, unsurprisingly, for wet conditions. Where your bicycle will endure rain / water potentially on a regular basis - for example on your commuter, over the winter months or regularly hitting the wet and muddy trails.
Wet lubes last longer as they aren't easily washed away - although they are more prone to collecting grit which should be wiped away if accumulated.
Purple Harry's Wet Chain Lube is a reduced 'fling' formula - but does need to be applied correctly. A common mistake when lubing the chain is to use too much! Apply one drop on each link or a thin stream whilst pedalling backwards to the top and bottom of the chain and wipe off the excess or it will splatter where you don't want it to!
Dry Lube.
Dry lubes aren't just meant for dry conditions - they are designed for all conditions but most suited to the usual weather mix we get here in the UK - i.e. a temperate climate.
A good choice for the best bike as the drivetrain looks generally cleaner - grit is attracted to the lube but this then drops off. This does mean that more frequent application is required but Purple Harry's Dry Chain Lube effectively cleans the chain with use and a de-grease isn't always necessary.
Apply a thin stream whilst back pedalling, shift through all the gear combinations to work into the chain and ideally leave for an hour before riding.